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I have years of litigation and negotiation experience, and currently provide free consultatations to potential clients in the following areas:

Criminal Defense


If you are accused of a crime, you need an advocate on your side to assure your rights are protected.  When liberty and freedom is at stake, you need to be sure you are working with an experienced  criminal defense attorney.  

I offer criminal defense representation for all misdemeanor and felony matters.  Let my experience as a lawyer in the courtroom work for you. I will aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for all criminal matters, and have taken over 100 cases to jury trial in my career.



Family Law


A divorce or custody dispute can be one of the most emotional and stressful experiences a person can go through in their life.  Oftentimes emotions can run high in these proceedings, and it is important you have an experienced an objective advocate on your side.

I have spent countless hours in my years as an Attorney engaged in litigation and negotiations, and will aggressively work towards the best resolution for you in any family law matter.  Contact Me today for representation on Divorce, Parenting Plans, Spousal Maintenance, or any other family law matter.


Bundled & Unbundled

For Family Law matters, I offer both "bundled" and "unbundled" services. For "bundled" services, I provide full representation with appearances on your behalf in court and full assistance with preparing and filing pleadings. For this service, a fee agreement and initial retainer are required.

With "unbundled" services, you can just retain me by the hour to assist you with document review or document prep on your case. For this service, no initial retainer is required and payment is just made on an "as you go" basis.


Real Estate

Although my Focus is primarily on Family Law and Criminal Defense work, I am also a licensed real estate agent in the State of Washington. I don't handle real estate contract work, or any legal matters related to real estate, but I am happy to work with buyers and sellers who are looking to buy or sell a home.


My prior experience with negotiations in the legal field provide a good background for assisting homeowners looking to buy or sell a home, and real estate work provides a nice break from legal practice from time to time.


Additional Matters

If you have a legal matter that you need assistance with, please do not hesitate to contact my law office to discuss the issue. 

I also handle matters such as protection orders (helping to have one put in place or working towards having one rescinded), vacating criminal convictions, working towards restoration of firearms rights, and many other issues.

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