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I will be on a long-term sabbatical beginning in September of 2022. My law office will be closed while I am away. I anticipate being out of the office for the next 1-2 years to travel. I look forward to speaking with you upon my return.

I have been a practicing attorney since 2006, and have handled literally thousands of cases and been involved in over 100 criminal trials and numerous family law trials. My passion is in assisting people through the legal system, and my second office has been the courthouse since I began working as an Attorney.

Not only do I understand how the legal system works, I also understand how important your legal matter is to you, and I make sure your legal issues are a top priority for me as well. I provide a free case analysis and consultation to any potential client.  CONTACT ME TODAY.



I believe that everyone deserves a zealous advocate to act in their best interests.  The legal system can be a daunting place whether you are facing criminal charges, a lengthy and costly divorce, or a custody battle. 

All of these situations can carry life altering consequences, and all can be a terrifying to deal with alone. I believe no one should have to go through those experiences alone and without an experienced and compassionate advocate working on their behalf.

Contact Jeff

FOR A FREE CONSULTATION (Please note that I will be unavailable for consultations while away on sabbatical)


1010 Esther Street
Vancouver, WA 98660



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I offer both bundled and unbundled legal services, but if you cannot afford an attorney I am still happy to provide a free consultation to provide you some initial guidance on your legal case. Another great free resource for those going through a family law matter in Washington State is | Helpful information about the law in Washington which provides guidance to assist you through the difficult and confusing process of family law proceedings.


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